ELO Investment Fund makes investment simple. ELO Investment Fund eliminates barriers to entry by offering professional, structured legal and tax support, whether you are based in Brazil or America. ELO Investment Funds are fully discretionary, allowing for quick, comprehensive transaction review and commitment. ELO Investment Fund is flexible enough to be able to fund individual investments ranging in size from US $25,000-$2,000,000.

ELO Investment Fund is open to new capital relationships. E-mail or call Eduardo to learn more about opportunities to grow with ELO Investment Fund.

Why Apartments?
“Apartment transactions rose to an all-time record of $150 billion in 2015, according to Real Capital Analytics, toppling the previous year’s record. Total units sold surpassed 1.2 million for the first time ever. And the average price of new apartment homes set yet another new record.” – Multifamily Executive, May 2016

U.S. multifamily origination hit record volume in 2015. Increasing property prices, new completions and maturities in 2016 present favorable investment opportunities. Many cities marked exceptional growth in the multifamily sector. Stronger-than-anticipated demand in 2015 kept rent growth above historical average in many markets.

Demographic trends support investing in multifamily/apartment projects for both short and long-terms. Advantages include:

  • Historical Track Record of Growth, Income and Reliable Cash Flow
  • Risk-Adjusted Returns
  • Exit Liquidity
  • Portfolio Diversification

While all real estate investments are subject to market risks, including construction costs, market stability and construction costs, ELO Investment Fund targets a gross return of 10-12% on projects.

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